Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Unsearchable Riches Of The Ecclesia

The Scripture tells of the "unsearchable riches of Christ", this means there are an infinite number of varieties and diversities in Christ. If Christ is all these, wouldn't this be also true of his body? If Christ is unsearchable in riches, it means that his body is unsearchable in riches.

In the body of Christ you will find diversity of gifts and ministry; men and women with unique walk and experiences with God, through which God had deposited things in them such as unique abilities, skills, wisdom, grace etc. It is so diverse that one cannot begin to count or categorize. In fact, just when you think you have seen it all something more unique comes up — it is unsearchable.

Just plant a group of people in Christ, and watch them grow, you will be shock at the diversity and the riches. And they can be so powerful in their unique endowment that if they can work together as one they will not only revolutionize the body of Christ but also the world.

The kind of sons that God breeds — if He is allowed to breed sons without the hands of man defying everything — are powerful enough to cause drastic change in the world. The problem is man's dirty hands always coming to defy what God is doing, making it less powerful than it ought to be.

But let us have a people, planted in Christ, and allowed to grow without man's dirty hands coming to defy it — oh the riches that we would have. What man does is to try to box things, always trying to box things, he is afraid of anything that is outside his boxes, so he tries to bring it into conformity with his box, and if that thing doesn't conform with his box he attacks it.

This is why we can't have man tempering with God's work, it drains the beauty and the power in it. Let us have an ecclesia, a Christian fellowship void of the dirty and defying hands of man, let us have a structure that allows sons to be bred by God without man's filthy interference.

If only these things can be put in place then you will be shock with the kind of Christians that will spring forth from our midst. Men and women with unique abilities that can transform the whole body of Christ and change the world as we know it. Yes, that is what we will have, men and women who have seen the King of glory, who have sat with him, learn of him, soak up his presence, his glory, his being.

Each becomes a portal for different dimensions of God and His glory unleashed on the earth. Oh, may we have that, and the body of Christ will not be as powerless as it is today.

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