Monday, 3 June 2019

Meditating To Become

I have previously written a post titled "Prayer; Pressing Into Realities", and another post titled "Fasting Of The Mind". If you haven't read it please go and read it because this post would be building on those previous posts.

Meditation is not new to those who are Christian, we have often emphasize meditation when it comes to studying the bible. But meditation shouldn't just be about knowing the scripture, many have fallen into the error of making that as an end. The reason why we desire to know the reality in Christ is so that we can become one with these truths.

We are not meditating simply to fill our mental library, it should not end simply as knowledge. Many would meditate simply to know, and once they have gotten this knowledge they are at rest. No, we must continue to meditate till we become; till that reality which is in the spirit breaks forth and begins to manifest in our flesh. Through this meditation you are pressing into these truths until you become one with them and begin to manifest them in your everyday life.

Meditation is a kind of prayer and worship that causes that which is real in the spirit to become real in the flesh. The scripture says you are a partaker of God's divine nature (2Pet 1:4), continue to meditate on it until you see your behavior being transformed, conforming to the nature of Christ.

Yes, you do not just stop when you have known, you continue till you are transformed. In this meditation you do not just think about these truths as something that you are trying to know. Rather you think about these truths as something that you are becoming; you see yourself transforming and conforming to these truths, you are meditating not just with your mind but also with the whole of your heart, your emotions, your imagination, aligning the whole of your being to these truths.

There is a kind of meditation that causes you to become, and it is time we begin to practice meditation in order to become rather than just to know.

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