Thursday, 20 June 2019

The Joy Of The Lord Is Greater

I had this dream that felt so real. In the dream I was captured by Islamic terrorist, and they were about to take me away, but strangely I didn't look or feel like someone that was captured by terrorist. I was filled with Joy, and I kept saying, "thank you Jesus". I wasn't thanking him because I was captured or whatever, I was just thanking him because that was all that was in my heart.

I was dancing slowly and thanking the Lord, I was worshipping and adoring him, I was overwhelmed with joy from within, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I was being captured. I am always filled with the joy of the Lord, and my situation at that time didn't change or affect the joy in my heart. In fact, I didn't care about what was happening to me at that time, I was just busy adoring my beautiful Jesus, he is just so awesome, and it doesn't matter what happens to me or what is being done to me, all I know is my God is just so adorable.

Well, you might say that is just a dream, but I know myself and I know what I can do. I remember one time I was in a bus which was about to have an accident. I was at the front seat with no seat belt on. The driver lost control and was almost running over several vehicles on the road. Everyone in the bus were screaming, some were even shouting, "Jesus". I was just so excited, in my mind I was saying things like, "wow, I can't believe today is the day, I am finally going to meet my sweetheart and be with him for eternity. Oh, it's so wonderful, what a great day. Everything is just perfect, this is the first time I am seating at the front seat of a bus on a journey, and look I am not wearing seat belt, everything is just so perfect, I am going to die today and be with my Lord".

I was just so excited, I had begin to imagine in my mind how the driver will collide with one of the vehicle and how I will hit my head and die right away. But then I begin to say to myself, "what if I end up in an hospital? No I don't want to end up in an hospital, I want to die straight away". Then I decided to talk to God and tell Him to make sure I don't end up in an hospital, but die straight away. As I was saying this prayer God told me I am not going to die today. "Oh, no! Whyyyyy! And I am already so excited about dying", that was my response.

Hey, I am not someone with a suicidal tendency, I am just so excited about God that no situation whatsoever can affect or change that. I have been in situations where it feels like my world is crumbling upon me, but then I get up and dance, and worship God as usual, I am always so excited about Him (as long as my walk with Him is good, as long as I am not rebelling in one way or the other). I believe this was the same way Paul and Silas felt when they were imprisoned. They were just beaten severely and thrown into prison, yet the joy of the Lord in their hearts was so overwhelming that they began to sing so loudly, worshipping the Lord.

Then came an earthquake, the prison doors broke open, but they didn't even bother, they were so caught up in rapturous worship to even think about escaping. You see, it just doesn't matter what is happening or what had happened, the joy of the Lord surpasses it all. People were wondering how Paul was able to face daring situations, difficult circumstances and perilous events and still continue to press on with the gospel. And then Paul answered and said, "the joy of the Lord is my strength".

The Joy of the Lord is so overwhelming that he didn't see the death staring at him in the face, he didn't see the danger dancing all round him, he just kept pressing on. Yes, the Joy of the Lord is greater than all the death threats in the world, all the affliction, all the suffering and difficulties, all the challenges and barriers, all the fear and frustration. That feeling of just knowing you are right with God, you are justified, you are in right standing, right relationship with the heavenly Father, that feeling of having this beautiful Christ, knowing that he is yours and you are his for eternity, it is just so amazing, such overwhelming joy.

At this state it doesn't matter what they do to you, they can torture you, imprison you, threaten you with death etc, it just doesn't matter. It doesn't affect how you feel, it cannot quench the joy inside. We've all tasted that joy when we got saved, but at some point we lost that sweet relationship with God and we begin to struggle. May the Lord bring you back to that state and cause you to abide in it, for it is indeed the most wonderful thing in the world. 

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