Saturday, 13 July 2019

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus; Abiding

I started a series on fixing your eyes on Jesus and this is the second post on that series. The first post is more of an introduction to the topic, and I concluded that post with the question, "how do we shift and move into the indwelling Christ, as opposed to the carnal man or the flesh?" The answer to this question is of course the very topic, "fixing your eyes".

What you are looking in your mind at a particular moment determines what you feel, think, do and even say. If I ask you to pick a fresh memory in your mind and fix your eyes on it, you will suddenly become overwhelmed with the emotions attached to that memory. If it is a memory of how someone hurt you, you will suddenly feel upset, and your mind becomes filled with thoughts on what to do about this hurt, maybe to avenge it or something.

If it is a memory of a lovely moment, you will suddenly feel happy and at peace. Your emotions and thoughts are immediately affected by these pictures in your mind. Christ have been living inside of you since you got born again, and over time you have come to know this indwelling Christ (this divine nature of God in you). You know him, you can see him in your heart, now fix your eyes on him.

Like I said in the previous post, when you move from one land to another you immediately stop experiencing the reality of the former land and start experiencing the reality of the new land. We move from the carnal man to the indwelling Christ by taking your eyes away from the carnal man and fixing it on the indwelling Christ (the nature of God in you).

As you fix your eyes and rest in him you will be able to feel the reality in the nature of God; which includes His righteousness, holiness, wisdom, gentleness, patient, endurance, all the fruit of the Spirit and all of the other characters of God. You will feel it overwhelm your heart (if you are not feeling it, it simply means you have not gotten a revelation and become awaken to the nature of God that now dwells in you).

When you can feel it, or rather see it, then you will be able to express it, because it quickly begins to fill your thoughts, and as the scripture says, "out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks." (Mat 12:34). When your heart becomes filled with Christ there will be no room for that which is carnal. However, you must teach yourself to block or rebuke the thoughts of the carnal man and fix your eyes on Christ, that he might fill your heart with himself.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (Pro 4:23).

You must learn to guard your heart, master your mind and exercise dominion over your thoughts. You must learn to be able to take your mind's eyes away from something and fix it on another thing. I wrote a post on mind fasting, you should read it, practice it, learn to discipline your mind and teach it to stay fix on God. You cannot move to another land if you haven't left the land you are presently. So it is important you learn to take your eyes away from something (stop thinking about that thing, or just block it out) and come into Christ to rest.

Now as you rest you will become empowered to live and express him. Don't waste your time fighting the flesh, just rest in Christ and the perverse desire of the flesh will fade away in your heart. Like I said, our emotions, thoughts, words and even actions are determined by what we are currently looking at in our mind. You feel a strong urge to express the carnal man because there is something that has presented itself in your mind/heart and it has began to affect your emotions, thoughts, actions and words.

It is very possible to see something physically and yet not look at it in your mind. Your physical eyes can see it, it is happening all around you, but somehow it is not getting into your mind because your mind's eyes is fix on something else. This is what happens when your mind has been trained to stay fix on Christ. Things will be happening all around you, they will tempt you, but you won't be able to yield to it, because your mind's eyes is fix on Christ and as a result your heart is filled and so overwhelmed with Christ that there is no room for that which is carnal, belonging to death and darkness. 

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