Friday, 6 September 2019

Christ; The Christian Spirituality

My book is currently published on Amazon, and you can get the kindle book for free from now till 11th of this month. Below is the book description and Amazon link.

In the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar about the kingdom of men and that of God, it was the rock cut not by the hands of man that crushed everything that is of man and established God’s kingdom on earth. It is only that which has not be defiled by the hand of the carnal man that would bring down God’s Kingdom and fulfill His will. We need a Christianity free from the carnal man, free from every form of carnality; a Christianity that is utterly spiritual, utterly Christ. This book shine light on every hiding place of the carnal man in our midst; every dark corner inhabiting this unwanted resident, exposing this ugly man and demonstrating what ought to be, a spirituality that is utterly Christ.

Oh, there are so much dark corners hiding this man, allowing the ugly man to breed and defy everything, spreading corruption and perversion in its many forms. He must be exposed, we cannot continue to have him in our midst, we need light that will expose and drive him out. Glory to God, for He has been giving us much light in these last days, and this book tries to bring all these things together and concentrating the light that God has been giving on this ugly man, that he might be dealt with once and for all.
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