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The Practicality Of Oneness With God

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I have been talking a lot about oneness with God and I even started a course on it with the claim that it is going to be very practical. But some of us still have this question; can a person truly be one with God, and how practical can this be? So I would share with you some of my experience, these are things I have already shared with people on my course.
There was this time I was in a church meeting and we were praying for the power of God. Then suddenly I was in God, we were one. I was in heaven as God, looking down at these people as they pray, I then considered this plan that I had in my head, a plan about the things I want to do in this generation I was looking at. I looked down at these people praying and then I stretched my hands, power began to flow from my being, up to my shoulders, down my arms, then out of my hands. It flowed down towards the earth, not really to the people praying, but to the all earth, pouring all over. It kept pouring and pouring and pouring, such great measure of power, I could feel it, and I just know that this power is too great for only a few people to wield. There will arise a very very large congregation of people moving in the power of God, people scattered all over the world.
Another experience was when I went out for evangelism with some brethren. When preaching to this lady are friend came in and both listened. This other lady then decided to give her life to Christ, and we began leading her through the sinner’s prayer. Then all of a sudden, I was in God, we were one. I could feel what God is feeling, I was thinking His thoughts, I was not myself I was God. I felt like a Father who just had a baby, and this baby was placed in my hands. I looked at this baby and I felt so much love. I felt I would do anything for my precious baby, I will give him the world, he would not lack a thing. I will take care of him and he would grow up to be my pride, radiating the riches of my glory. Yes, I used he instead of her, because there is no gender in the spirit. As God, I wasn't seeing a female or a male, I was only seeing my baby, my precious baby. After carrying my baby in my hands for a while I kept him and then I was so filled with joy that I could not contain myself, the whole of heaven was rejoicing with me. Then I shifted my consciousness from heaven (inside God) back to myself on earth. I was still full of joy and I still can't contain myself. I just know that I will lose control throw off my shirt and start jumping about the street. I was thinking, what will people think of me if I lose control like this. So I began to shift back, trying to hide myself behind a wall, trying so hard to control myself.
Those are just two out of the many experiences I have had. I realized that I continue to have intercourse with God in the place of intimacy, I am constantly being fused into Him. I would be going about my day and all of a sudden I am pulled into God and I am just Him. When I open my mouth it is not me speaking but Him. When I try to think, I am thinking His thoughts. For example, I would be looking at a man that is far older than I am and my thoughts would be like, "Oh my precious child, how I love you, there are just so much I want to do for you". And I am like, "no, this is not my thoughts". His thoughts are constantly invading my thoughts, penetrating in and overtaking my thoughts. Through this constant exchange and intercourse between our mind and God's, we become one mind with God. And I can do this at will also. I could just think about a person then come into oneness with God and begin to feel His heart and think His thought concerning this person. The point I am trying to make through all these stories of mine is that oneness with God is very possible.
I have realized that the more we have this intercourse with God, the more we fuse together with Him, merging into one. This is what He has called us for, He has called us into the inner chamber, into the bed of the divine romance, that He might become one with us.
Oh Lord, let my skin touches your skin, let my heart kiss your heart, let my mind caress your mind, let the whole of my being press upon you till we are one and it becomes difficult to tell where you end and where I began.

By now, we have gone a bit far in the course Oneness With God, and we have began to see progress. Some of the students are seeing results, entering into a deeper intimacy with God through the prophetic and the mystic life. Below are the comments of some of the students. One of them testify of healing while practicing the presence of God. There is still room if you want to join but you have to be ready to be committed and practice diligently the exercises recommended.

These are screenshots of Chat With Some Of The Students Of The Course Individually 

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