Monday, 7 October 2019

Love Want All Of God

The things of God is God Himself, he depends on and needs nothing but Himself; the power of God is God, the presence of God is God, the glory of God is God, the word of God is God and so on, this is the reality of the Godhead. And when we come to the reality of the Christian we see Christ as all in all. Everything that is truly Christian is Christ. He doesn’t need anything but himself, he gave us nothing but himself, for himself is enough, and quite frankly we need nothing apart from him. Everything that we need is in him and is him.

Love desires all of her Lover, no she would not be satisfied with just a portion of him. Love would never say, “Well, this is the part of him I need, the remaining parts are not interesting, [or] not needful, [or] I do not really desire them, [or] I do not find them important.” No, love cherishes every part of her Lover, she adores every part of him, she wants him all, yes all of him. Every part of him is precious to her, there is not a part she does not desire, whether she needs it or not she just desires it. She wants him all.

Oh, child of God be awakened to the love in you, the same love the Spirit was sent to shed abroad in your heart. Be awakened to it and let out that cry, “I want you Lord, I want you all, yes all of you. I can never be satisfied till I have all, let me touch every part of you, let me know every part of you, let me press into every part of you till I become one with all of you.” Love causes us to chase after all of God. If you only settle for a portion it means you are not awakened to love, you have not given your heart to love the Lord as you ought to. It is not a matter of what we think we need and don’t need, it is about this beautiful Jesus that every part of him is so precious that we can’t choose, we just want all.

I want all of his power, not because I love power but because the power is my Lover, it is part of this beautiful Christ and it is Christ. I want all, I want all that he has to offer, for he is offering all of himself. I want to hold all of him in my hands, oh my treasure, my precious treasure. Love cries for all, she wants all of Christ, everything that is him she wants it. Whether she needs it or not doesn’t matter she just wants all of him. She wants his presence for it is him, she wants his glory for it is him, she wants the prophetic for it is him, she wants the supernatural for it is him, she wants his power for it is him. No, we are not after things we are after Him, He is the Lover of our soul, and we want Him all. If we are after a thing called power then the devil can come to us and say, “You don’t need to go through all that stress, just come let me show you how to get power”.

If we are after a thing called the supernatural, then the devil can come in and offer it to us and we would embrace it. But we want only that which is Him, to be frank we are not interested in these things, we only want them because it is Him.

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