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Life And Death (7); The Life And Salvation

This post belongs to a series, if you haven't read the previous one titled The Reign Of Death, please do read it. In that post I described the ugliness in man and his society, and how every problem we experience is traced to the reign of death. Because death is reigning that is why we have all these problems in our lives and society. That is why God didn't focus on solving all these individual problems, His focus was mainly on the issue of death. He would eliminate death by giving us life. Please I am talking about a spiritual thing, we are a spiritual people not a people of flesh who is always trying to subject everything to the flesh.

The reign of death is one reality, and man is inside this messed up reality. God’s plan is not to fix this messed up reality but to bring in another reality—a reality where His Kingdom exists. While he was on earth everything that Jesus preached was centered on one thing—the coming Kingdom. In fact, at some point he said the Kingdom his already here, why? The Kingdom exists in the life and he is the life that came down from heaven, therefore since the life is now on earth, that means the Kingdom is also now on earth (see Matt 12:28). The Kingdom of heaven is now on earth but it does not exist on earth by itself, it rather exists in a spiritual reality called life which is now on earth.

 It is like a person in a submarine in the ocean deep. Yes, you can say the person is in the ocean deep, but he is not directly there, he is in a submarine and it is the submarine that is in the ocean. Remove the submarine and the person would be crushed by the pressure of the ocean deep, even if the person survive the pressure he would still die because he cannot breath under water. The Kingdom of heaven is not meant to exist on earth, but it can exist in the life and the life can become flesh and walk the earth (John 1:1-14). Now this life lives in us and he seeks to fill us with himself, that we might have abundant life, being completely filled with life. During salvation this life was born in us by the Spirit.

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” (John 3:5-6).

The man cannot enter into the kingdom of God except the life is born in him. Then when he comes into the life that is born in him, he has entered into the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is in the life, and that scripture also says, “that which is born of the Spirit is spirit”, meaning that the life is spirit, it is born a spiritual reality existing in the spirit. The origin and home of this life is spirit, but this is the same life that became flesh and walked the earth. Therefore when he was born inside of your spirit he also desire to become flesh (manifest in your flesh) and walk the earth. Wherever that life is that is where the Kingdom is, if this life remain in your spirit and never manifest in your flesh, then the Kingdom would remain inside of you and will never manifest in your life. You would just be reading the Bible and seeing all these wonderful things about the Kingdom but you will never see them manifest in your life. You may even quote it and declare it, jumping up and down, and shouting hallelujah, yet you will never see it manifest in your life.

You must grow into the life in the flesh in order to have it manifest in your flesh. We live in a world of flesh, our jobs are in this world of flesh, our schools, our family, our everyday life, they are all in this world of flesh. And if the life in our spirit does not grow into our flesh then that mean our lives in the flesh is mainly under the reign of death, for death is the absence of life. Now, you remember everything I wrote about the reign of death? Well, that is what you are going to be experiencing, a life of self-destruction, subjected to the attacks of the devil and every evil in it. That doesn’t mean you are not saved, you are saved but you have refused to grow into that salvation. You have settled with just having the life in your spirit forgetting that you have a flesh and you live in the world of flesh.

You cannot enjoy the fullness of the reality of this salvation in the flesh, until you grow in the life. Why do you think people get saved and yet find themselves still sinning? Is freedom from sin not included in salvation? Of course it is, but all the reality of salvation exists in the life which is a spiritual thing in the spirit that is seeking to grow into your flesh. And you are not going to experience this reality until you allow the life grow in us and manifest in your flesh, or another way of saying it is that you grow in the life, or into the life. All I am trying to say is that your spiritual growth is very important if you are to enjoy this salvation here on earth. Spiritual growth is growing in the life.

So we are not pursuing spiritual growth for fancy reasons, we are not pursuing it just so we can have some fancy spiritual powers or abilities, or so we can have some fancy supernatural or mystical experience. It’s not just that, we need it to survive on earth, the reign of death is so terrible, we need to escape from that awful reality, and the only way of escape is spiritual growth. Prayer alone is not enough, you are not meant to remain in death fighting battles every seconds. You are meant to enjoy a city surrounded with the mighty walls of salvation where you are safe from every attack, enjoying the riches and the fullness of God’s Kingdom.

"We have a strong city, Salvation City, built and fortified with salvation." (Isa 26:1 MSG).
"Our city is strong! We are surrounded by the walls of God’s salvation." (Isa 26:1 NLT).
"We have a strong city; God sets up salvation as walls and bulwarks." (Isa 26:1 ESV).

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