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Restoring The Life (1)

We have been practicing a lot of things wrongly out of ignorance, and this wrong way of doing these spiritual things is draining life (Christ) out of Christianity. That life needs to be restored if we are to be a very mature body of Christ. Christ is the Life and this Life is a spiritual substance, something that dwells in our spirit. However, our Lord seeks manifestation in the flesh, after all he is the God who became flesh. It is God’s desire to become flesh, to find manifestation in the flesh. Now this Life which is spirit must find manifestation in our flesh. Yes, it is already in the spirit, but it must also be expressed in realm of mortal men.

We are spirit, soul and body, and in order for anything in our spirit to find expression in our body it must first pass through the soul. By soul I mean the seat of emotions, consciousness, and the attitude of heart. It requires one to become conscious of the reality in Christ in order for that person to have that reality manifested in his flesh (or his life). If the attitude of your heart has not be brought into conformity of the Christ in you, you would not be able to manifest that Christ. So we have these spiritual realities inside of us, but it cannot be manifested if it is not allowed to pass through the soul.

The emotion is the energy of life, it is how life expresses itself. People who are very emotionless are usually considered ‘not lively’. To be full of life require the energy powered by emotions—emotions such as excitement, joy, happiness and love. Without these emotions there is not enough energy to power liveliness. BLOCK THESE EMOTIONS AND YOU HAVE KILLED THE LIFE, the person becomes lifeless, everything he does is lifeless. Well, that is for life in the natural sense, but I am pointing to the spiritual life. In the name of being sober we have blocked the emotions and that have result to a very lifeless Christianity.

I am still referring to spiritual life, let me share with you my experience so that you can know what I am trying to communicate. I believe the Holy Spirit nurtures and trains us based on our calling, he molds us into what the Lord want to use us to do. So in my walk with the Lord I realize the Spirit keeps emphasizing on life, and it wasn’t long before I know this spiritual life in a supernatural way. I could feel the life inside of me in a supernatural way, I could feel it so overwhelmingly, and it is filled with bursting energy of joy, excitement, peace and love. I could also perceive spiritual life in people, in their prayers and in church services.

Whenever I am in church I feel so much life within me, I feel the life all over the environment. The life I feel in the church fills my heart with excitement that it becomes impossible for me to be bored in a church service or even doze off. It doesn’t matter whether or not there is some kind of exciting activity going on in the church. I don’t need any activity of the flesh or any display of emotion. As long as I can perceive that spiritual life present in the church it just excites me. But this day I was in a church service of a denomination that won’t allow any display of emotion—they teach that one has to be sober in church—and as I sit there I just couldn’t shake off this feeling of death and spiritual dryness. This way not the first time I have been attending this church but this day it was terrible, worse than ever before.

I could feel death all over the environment, everything was just so dead that I began falling asleep in the church. This was so shocking to me, I would never have thought that I would fall asleep in a church service. What happened? These people have been taught to block every emotion and fight against any expression of emotions such as joy and excitement, and as a result spiritual life began to disappear little by little. That which is in the spirit can only be expressed in our world by passing through the heart (soul) of those who would open up their heart to it. This spiritual life in the spirit wants to fill our environment and our flesh, but we must open our heart to it and let it find expression in our soul. When it finds expression in the soul, when it fills our heart, then it can fill our environment and our flesh.

This spiritual life would not be present in the person’s flesh and in the environment when it has been killed in the soul by the fight against emotions. Like I said, life is powered by the energy of emotions. In order for that spiritual life to translate into the realm of mortal men it must be powered by the expression of emotions in the heart (soul) level. However, that which is carnal cannot power the spiritual, only the spiritual will power spiritual. The emotion expressed must be spiritual, it must be an expression of that which is spirit—it must be prompted by or nurtured from the sighting of the spiritual reality in Christ.

So these emotions that come from gazing upon Christ will help to power the spiritual life that is needed in carrying out that spiritual reality.  I don’t know if you understand all that. What I am trying to say is that many Christians go about carrying out spiritual activities so lifelessly, void of spiritual life. It is empty of spiritual life because these Christians do these spiritual things (or truth be told religious things, for any spiritual thing that is void of spiritual life is nothing but dead religion) not from the heart. We have to do these things from our heart, intermingle with emotions prompted or nurtured out of the spirit. Yes, emotions should go with it as it comes out of our heart. Let our spiritual activities be intermingled with the emotions prompted or nurtured from the spirit, and then they would be lively with the spiritual life.

There is a difference between spiritual liveliness and natural liveliness. The difference is that the former is filled with spiritual life, the life that can be perceived spiritually. We want our activity be filled with life because that it is the only way it can produce fruit—it is life that produces fruit. I am so concern about the issue of life, because I want to see God’s people growing spiritually, and life is what determines growth. Yes, spiritual growth is determined by the measure of life we have, so life is a very important thing when it comes to the issue of spiritual growth. The more life you have the more spiritually mature you become. In order to have matured Christians our emphasis must be life.

In whatever activity we are doing let that activity be filled with life so that we can grow in life. Yes, for the sake of spiritual growth it would be required of us to carry out certain spiritual activities—activities such as prayer, studying the word, worship and many others—every of these activities must be done from the fullness of the heart, intermingled with spiritually induce emotions, so that it can produce enough life that would cause us to grow more speedily. If you are worshiping, don’t do it so lifelessly, but do it with passion, love, etc. and let the worship be filled with life.

If you are reading the bible or praying let it be done from the fullness of your heart, do it with excitement, passion, anguish, grief, love, anger (or the vexation of the Spirit), and etc. Whatever activity it may be, let it be filled with life, then it would become very fruitful unto you. There is still much I would like to share so I would have to make this post two and continue in the part two.

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