Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Your Purpose Is In Your Design

In the body we see a distribution of functions, each part is structured and designed to carry out certain function. The relationship between unique structural design and precise, purposeful function is evident within all levels of organization in the human body (Gillen, Sherwin, and Knowles 2001; Kaufmann 1995). At the tissue level, the design of each type of epithelium is perfectly suited for its particular function (Gillen, Sherwin, and Knowles 2001).

The Ecclesia as the body of Christ has various parts, and each part is designed according to its function. This means that as you grow into maturity in Christ you are growing into that design that is to express a specific function in the body. You may not know your function at your infant stage because you have not come into that design yet, and it is not necessarily you know it all, although God may reveal it to you. But as you focus on Christ, focus on growing in him, you will find yourself growing into that function or rather the design of that function.

You cannot truly fulfill that function or what people call God’s purpose for your life while you are still immature in Christ. In order to be able to fulfill it you must develop all the faculties required, and it is in growing into Christ (for it is his body) that you develop the faculties and become capable of carrying out this function. 

I see many Christians trying to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives without coming into maturity. It is like a male child trying to pregnant a lady and have offspring at that immature age. It is not possible, we are only deceiving ourselves, if you try too hard you will end up making a doll and calling it your offspring. Yes, that is what is happening among Christians today, they carry this fake thing which they made by their own hands and they call it God’s purpose for their life.

They go about with their toy, claiming they are fulfilling a divine mandate. Maturity is very important, and yes it requires a lot of patient and time, it can be a very difficult process but it cannot be avoided if we are to live real the Christian life. Most of what is out there is fake, this is why the body of Christ suffers today, we have all these Christians refusing to grow, going about with their toys, and as such the various part of the body are not fully design to carry out their function.

When the various parts are not carrying out their functions the whole body suffers, in fact it collapse and become this ugly things. Nobody would know what a lion truly is till they see a healthy functioning lion. But when all they see is an unhealthy lion whose body parts are not functioning well, they may fall into the assumption and conclusion that lion is a very ugly and awkwardly strange thing.

Yes, the body of Christ today looks ugly and awkwardly strange because Christians are not maturing and carrying out their functions. When we begin to focus on coming into maturity then we would have a beautiful and well function body, and the whole world would be able to see how glorious the bride of Christ is. They would see the wisdom in her structure, the beauty in her stature and the power her faculties commands, they would be in awe of the wonder of this amazing woman.

Although the title has been altered, yet still this is an excerpt from my book, "The Fellowship Of The Mystery".

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