Thursday, 5 December 2019

Life And Death (9); The Battle Against Death

We are at war with death, for we are a people who has rebelled against the reign of death. We rebelled against the reign of death from the moment we embraced Jesus, and this rebellion would not be treated likely by the forces of darkness. Outside of death the devil no longer have power over you, he cannot touch you or exercise control over your life. And we who have tasted death knows how that feels in the realm of death. In the realm of death lack of control makes one scared, feeling so insecure, frustrated and restless. Humans dread anything they cannot control, anything that makes them feel powerless. They become insecure and restless till they are able to bring this thing under control. That is not a trait of human, it is a reality of death. I know this for sure because once you enter into the life and experience it you will lose that fear of lack of control, you will live very peacefully and happy, knowing that your life and your future is not in your hands.

You know that motivational teaching; "you life is in your hands, your future is in your hands, take charge yen, yen, yen". That's the gospel of death, it usually sounds very nice and good, but its origin is death, that feeling that you must put something under your control no matter what. It is the same feeling that gives birth to witchcraft. As sons everything is in the hands of the Father, and we live by relying on him. The fear of lack of control is a reality in death, that means all those who exist in death carries this trait, including the devil. Yes, the devil dreads anything that is slipping out of his control, he becomes restless till he brings that thing back into his control. So the moment we begin to enter into life and grow in it we are slipping out of the devil's control, and this makes him scared and restless. He would seek to bring us back into his control, but we cannot come under his control until we come into death. So the devil strategy is to bring you into death, he remains powerless till he brings you into death. This has always been his strategy against man since the creation of man. In the Garden of Eden we see a powerless snake who could do nothing but talk.

He had no power over Eve and Adam, none of his spiritual powers would work against them because they were not dead. The devil could not rule over them despite all his spiritual powers and legions of fallen angels. Nothing would work against man. It is like a shark try to harm a chicken. Yes, the shark is very big, strong, and has really sharp teeth, but all of that becomes useless if the chicken does not go anywhere near the water. The shark must get the chicken into the water first (or close to the water) before his sharp teeth and strengthen becomes effective in conquering this weak and powerless chicken. No matter how powerless man may be, as long as he is not in death, the devil can do absolutely nothing, even with all the forces of hell.

So the devil's plan is to lure man into death. That is what he did with Adam and Eve, and that is what he has been doing till today. "Get them into death and begin to control their lives", that is the devil's strategy. He would not let you be till he is able to get you into death, and he remains restless till you are finally with him in death. So the spiritual war we are fighting is not the one of spiritual powers, but that of life and death. The chicken doesn't need to be stronger than the shark to stay alive, it only needs to stay out of water, so it battle with the shark is not that of strength. We are already stronger than the devil as a result of the power of Christ in us, but this is not a battle of strength, it is a battle of life and death. If you want to show off strength you will spend the whole of your life fighting spiritual battles, but if you focus on the issue of life and death then you will have enough rest to enjoy the Kingdom of God here on earth.

"I set before you Life and Death, Blessing and Curse. Choose life so that you and your children will live." (Deu 30:19).

This is a battle of choosing life and forsaking death. Whenever the devil wants to exercise control over your life he lures you into death (that is, if you are already in life). He is always fighting to entangle us with death, because until he does that he remains restless. When a man of God sets out to do ministry, the devil becomes restless, because this is an issue of life. The devil will do everything in his power to frustrate this man and his ministry, of course he cannot touch the man who is already in life, but he can use people around him to bring frustration to this man. And as this man encounters difficulty then the devil would suggest a solution, one that involves a compromise—embracing and accepting something belonging to death.

Once the man and his ministry have been entangled with this dead things, then the devil can let him be, he could even let him prosper in his ministry and do "great work of God". The secret that the man does not know is that death always produce more death, it is like a wild fire spreading, corrupting everything. No matter how good his ministry may be that death is crawling all over it, corrupting everything, including the souls that was saved through the ministry. Alas, the work of God becomes a work of death, causing pain, hurt, heartbreak, suffering, greed and all forms of perversion, all leading to destruction, and the devil didn't even need to lift a finger. Yes, the devil is very satisfied with ministries that has been entangled with death because he knows it end.

He could allow a ministry to prosper, gain fame, and draw in a lot of people, as long as the ministry would compromise and borrow something of death. It might be as simple as the wisdom of man, or the strategy of the world (whether in marketing or in administration). Whatever it is, it entangles the man and his ministry with death, spreading all over till it brings the whole thing into death. And it might take a lot of time, the man may fight really hard, but as long as there is death there it must spread. This why those in ministry must be very careful to wait on the Lord rather than employ something of the world in order to grow fast.

Our focus should always be the pursuit of life. Jesus didn’t need any marketing strategy to draw thousands, he didn’t need any financial manipulation to get his ministry going. In fact, he for the three and half years of his ministry he didn’t have a job, and he never asked anyone for financial support, the reality in the life always ensures that all his financial needs were meant. Yes, we must pursue life, that is how marketing and financial strategy. I can assure you, it works, the reality in the life is real. Yes, you may suffer death for a while, but as you grow in the life you will see the supernatural reality in the life manifesting and working for you just as it worked for Jesus' ministry.

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