Thursday, 30 January 2020

I Died, I Cannot

Your friends comes and say to you, “Let’s go do this together, we know you love it”, but you look at them and all you can say is, “I cannot”. Yes, I cannot, I died. I no longer have it in me, I don’t have what it takes to do such anymore. They tried to get you angry, they did things that would normally offend you and cause an outburst of rage. But getting angry requires a lot of energy and you’ve lost all those energy on the cross. So you look at them and in your heart you say to yourself, “I cannot, I don’t have the energy to get angry”.

Oh, there was a time you have so much energy to lust, just a little thing easily trigger you to start burning with lust. But now it feels too big a thing for you, the energy require to burn with lust is just too much. You no longer have the amount of energy to do such a thing. You don’t have the life (energy) for that, you only have the life (energy) for righteousness. You’ve lost it, they were all drain out of you on the cross, “I cannot”, that is all you can say.

You don’t have the energy to envy or be jealous, you don’t have the energy to hate or to keep offense. Do you know how much it takes to keep an offense in your mind and play it over and over again? I just don’t know how people do it, I died, I cannot. Even the act of worrying requires an immense amount of energy, how do people do it? You can’t even contemplate it anymore, it all seem strange because you have lost such abilities. All those energy have been drained out of you on the cross. This is who you are as a result of your death in Christ. If you are not seeing this reality play out in your life then enforce it—yes enforce it. Tell yourself that you cannot, you don’t have such energy because it was all drain out of you on the cross. Don’t just say it as empty words, say it while looking at yourself on the cross. Fix your eyes on the revelation of your being dead in Christ. This is why I asked that you pursue this revelation and get it.

If you have gotten this revelation and you fix your eyes on it you will feel it, you will feel that indeed you cannot. Yes, sometimes we get carried away in this world of flesh, but the moment you are tempted and you realize that this old man which was killed on the cross is trying to come alive again in you and express his perverse life, you are to immediately fix your eyes again on the revelation of your being dead in Christ. Secure your gaze on that revelation, and immediately you will realize that you cannot. It’s not in you, you don’t have what it takes, you have been rewired and you are incapable of doing such things anymore. Yes, the temptation is there, you might even want to do it, but you realize that you cannot, you are dead. When you’ve trained your eyes to stay fixed on this revelation it will always remain there, and you will always feel died to that which is not Christ. You look at the temptation with all its ability to get someone really enticed, and you just shake your head, “I cannot”.

An excerpt from my book, COMING TO THE END OF SELF

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