Sunday, 2 February 2020

Power; And Darkness Could Not Comprehend

“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” (John 1:5).

This verse unveils the effect that God has over the power of darkness. When light show up darkness immediately disappears even before it could understand what is happening. It's not that darkness decides to go, it just find itself leaving before it could make any decision or even understand what is going on. No matter how powerful or how wicked darkness may be it just find itself leaving before it could think of gathering a resistance. It doesn’t have a choice, nor the power to choose, it is immediately swept away with all its forces by the power of God. Don't you remember how Jesus cast out demons, they couldn't put up a fight or even try to resist, immediately he gave the command they leave. They cannot control themselves, the power of God overtakes them and throws them out.

Darkness cannot even put up an argument when light shows up. It does not begin to say, “But I don’t want to leave, oh why must I leave”. No, all of its ability to argue, all of its power of resistance are immediately put to waste, overpowered by the greatness of the power of God. It cannot comprehend what's happening, much less put up a fight. Power is the ability to command obedience, and God’s power is so great that it commands immediate obedience even before the subject of that power could understand what's going on. What I mean is that, if you have some power or authority, and you give an order, the person would still process it in his mind, and then maybe say to himself, "I don't have a choice I have to do it". But this is not so concerning God's power over darkness and death, the power of God is so effective and great that it leaves no time for any processing or decision, it commands immediate obedience.

When His power comes in contact with sickness, it immediately varnishes. Sickness, does not begin to argue, it does not have any power to put up a resistance. It leaves immediately, that’s the effect of God’s power, it subdues every resistance. This power of God is exceedingly great, it far surpasses anything created. This power is on a class of its own, it is the power of the uncreated God. This is the power that orchestrated creation, this power is the origin of all things and now it lives in us. The power of God in us is exceedingly more than enough for anything and everything we ever come across. It is very capable of bring anything to obedience, for it transcends all things. When the power of God shows up every power of darkness flees.

“Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall be levelled.” (Zec 4:7).

That’s the confident that the power of God provokes, no mountain is too great for it. In fact, no matter how great a mountain may be, it becomes like a grain of sand when it stands before this all-surpassing power of God. Do you see that? Do you see that huge mountain before you shrinking at the presence of God power in you. Look at it, it is nothing but a spec of dust, crush it not, for the One that lives in you is Almighty. No, he is not very mighty, He is Almighty. The Almighty power would completely crush anything that stands in it way, they do not stand a chance—it doesn’t matter how powerful that mountain may be. This power brings all things to nothingness, overcoming and subduing them in a twinkle of an eye.

Before they could understand what’s happening or put up a resistance, they are already completely vanquished by the greatness of God’s power. This is the reality, nothing can stand against the exceeding greatness of the power of God in us. Our God is not just a mighty God, He is the Almighty, all-powerful, the One who transcends all things, and He lives in us with all of His fullness. Now spend enough time meditating on this truth. Do not let your pass experience determine what truth is. Truth is truth and every other thing must bow to truth, they must all be conformed to the truth. And the truth is that the power that lives in you is exceedingly, abundantly, above anything that has ever existed. Allow this truth to sink into your head, and then go out to demonstrate it, yes enforce it.

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