Saturday, 2 May 2020

Communion With The Truth

I previously wrote a post on Fellowship With The Truth. Fellowship means doing something together with someone you have something in common with. You can only have fellowship with someone that you have something in common with. If you two have nothing in common, there would be no fellowship. In the previous post I explained what you need to have in common with the Truth into order to enter into fellowship with him. And this fellowship which we have with the Truth is based on that very thing—reconciling all things back to the Truth.

Communion, on the other hand, is the process of coming to that place where you begin to have something in common with another person. It is the process where your interest merge the his interest to become one; your will merge with his will, your goal merge with his goal, your likes and dislikes merge with his, and so on. It is sharing yourself with another until you begin to have something in common.

One of the way fellowship can be developed is communion. That is, as you continue to share yourself with someone, soon the both of you will have something in common, and then you can begin to build fellowship around that. For example, you don't really love art before, but then you meet someone who loves art. Through the communion you are having with this person you soon begin to love art. Yes, you fall in love with art and then you two decide to have an art gallery. There, you've formed a fellowship around art work. In this fellowship you collect art work, display them in the gallery, and even sell them.

Alright, so we want to come to that point where our interest, will, goal, pursuit and etc. is one with that of the Truth. We can achieve this through communion. We can have communion with the Truth through prayer and study. In the place of prayer you ask that the Spirit of Truth put in you the desire, will, and passion of the Truth; that you may want nothing else other than the Truth and his will. You pray that God will strip you of any motive and desire that contradict what the Truth is after and what the Truth is about.

"We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up." (1Cor 8:1).

Knowledge puffs up and causes us to act foolishly, doing things that are contrary to the goal and pursuit of the Truth. So we go into prayer to deal with these things, and we press in to align our desire, passion and pursuit with that of the Truth. We can also have communion with the Truth through study. We give ourselves to study the Truth and his goal. Through this study we get more familiar with the Truth and his pursuit, and from familiarity we grow into oneness.

So when you are study your Bible, you are not doing it so you can have a sermon to preach, or so you can have something to used to mock some ignorant people, or so you can fulfill some religious obligation, or so you can get scriptural backings to support a theology, or so you can decorate your mental library and show the world how knowledgeable you are in terms of Scripture. No, you are studying the Bible so you can know the Truth the way he is. You want to know him for who he is, not how you want him to be.

Many Christians have this notion of what the Truth is and they try to bend scripture to support their views. They are not studying the Bible to know the Truth, they are study it to figure out how to bend it to support their ideology or theology. To have communion you must strip yourself empty. Yes, come empty that he might fill you with himself—that is the only way you can become one with him, and then you both would share a lot in common.

He cannot become one with you when you are full of yourself. You must empty yourself; die to your theologies, your brilliant ideas, you preconceived notion, yes die to everything that is of you. It is in the place of emptying ourselves that we become more and more united with him. This is the meaning of communion, it is all about emptying yourself that you might become one with the Lord. Communion is the way to oneness with the Truth.

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