Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Beauty Of The Bride

Our thinking is so little that we cannot see beyond these things around us, we cannot see the Jerusalem above, the glorious bride that is seeking to find expression in the world of mortals. Her power is beyond any ever experienced, even Jesus after all the great miracle he performed declared that she is coming to do greater works.

Stop trying, your peanut brain cannot imagine what these greater works are, only the Father can show you. It will explode your mind when He shows you the power that you possess as a member of the bride.

Oh, her glory would be demonstrated very soon. She will step out of the veil and radiate the brightness of her glory. The whole world would be stumped, they have never seen such glory and purity, they will run to hide themselves.

That woman, the fornicating woman that prostitute herself with the kings of the world, she too will see the glory of the bride and she will boil with jealousy. Look at herself with all the makeups and jewelries, and her fancy clothes, all the artificial things she has put to beautify herself. Now she looks at herself in comparison with the bride and her glory and she grows jealous, for even with all her beautification she is no where as beautiful and glorious as the bride.

With that boiling jealousy she ran to the kings of the world to plot against the bride. The bride's beauty and glory has become a problem to both the world and the false church. The world hates her because her glory radiates a purity that makes them feel bad about themselves, in fact ashamed of themselves. The false church (the whore) hates her because her beauty surpasses all their beautification, the edifices, the money, gigantic buildings and private jets, it makes every of their achievements seem worthless.

But yet she will shine even in the midst of the growing darkness around her. She will shine with the glory of her Lord.

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