Friday, 3 July 2020

Spiritual Laws In Christ; Domain

There are domains in both the spiritual and natural world. And there are natural or physical things that belong to one spiritual domain or another. Here we would focus on the two major of domain; Life and Death. This two domains have properties both in the spirit and natural world. In the domain of Life you will find the reign of God, the Father of life. The will of God rules ultimately in the domain of life. But in the domain of death we have the Kingdom of darkness, the reign of the devil, and the works of diabolic powers.

Diabolic powers cannot work in the domain of life, its just can't, it has no jurisdiction there. While the expression of the will of God is limited in the domain of death. It is limited because of the constant interferance of powers of darkness. Its their domain, there is no need of God trying to force his will on them. God created everything with free will, he would not impose himself on anyone. Those who want his will to reign over them should remain in the domain of life, but those in the domain of death are the rebellious ones, they have no business with God's will, they do whatever they like.

"See, I set before you today, I am giving you a choice. You can choose life and prosperity or death and disaster... This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live." (Deu 30:15,19)

God gives us the opportunity to choose from life or death. We have been given the free will to make the choice. If you choose life then you will enjoy blessing and prosperity because that is the perfect will of God for you, and only in life does his perfect will finds full expression. But if you choose death then you will suffer disaster and curse, not because God is angry with you but because that domain is curse. Yes, the domain of death is cursed, and no matter how much God loves you and wants to see you blessed and happy, as long as you remain in the domain of death, all you will experience is curses and disaster.

Even when God tries to bless you in the domain of death, if the powers that rule that domain doesn't like you then they will ruin that blessing, they will not allow it manifest. It is their domain, they can do whatever they like, and if you are not happy with it you can leave. Jesus has become the door out of the domain of death. He had to pass through the cross in order to become that door for you. This why you now have a choice whether to remain in the domain of death or move into the domain of life—he died to give you a choice. The moment you accept Jesus into your life your citizenship change from children of death and darkness to children of Life.

"For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." (Rom 8:6).

Now that your citizenship has changed you must learn to abide in your domain. There are those who are citizens of Nigeria yet they spend more time in London than in Nigeria. Yes, some Christians spend more time in death than in the Life. In fact, they live in death, they only visit Life once in a while. The scripture above says each time you are carnal and sinful then it means you are in the domain of death. You cannot be in the domain of Life and commit sin, it is not possible.

"And you know that He was manifested to take away our sins, and in Him there is no sin. Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him." (1John 3:5-6).

If you sin then it means you are presently not abiding in the Life. The Life cannot produce sin. Sin is a product of the realm of death. Anytime you sin it means you've traveled from the domain of life, and went to visit the domain of death. Because it takes death to entertain the thought of sin, it takes death to embrace lust, jealousy, hate and envy into your heart. Life repels from those things, it cannot stand those things, it quickly attacks and kills it. So if you are in the domain of Life you just can't sin. This is why we must learn to abide in the domain of Life. I teach much about this in my book, Victory Over Sin. The book is free on e-format.

Another thing about abiding in the domain of Life is that God's perfect will can easily find expression in your life when you are abiding in the domain of Life. No matter how much the power of darkness hates you, they cannot interfere with God's blessing in your life when you are abiding in the domain of Life. To interfere they would have to enter through the door (Jesus) and become born again. It's not just possible for them to interfere with God's will in your life.

The more you abide in the domain of Life, the more impossible it becomes for the devil to interfere with God's will in your life. But the more time you spend in the domain of death, the more the devil is able to interfere with the manifestation of God's will in your life. Let me put it this way, if you spend 60% of your time in the domain of death, then the devil will have 60% power over you.

"I don’t have much more time to talk to you, because the ruler of this world approaches. He has no power over me," (John 14:30).

When you spend 0% of your time in the domain of death, then the devil has 0% power over you. This is the goal we should strive for, Jesus said the same thing he did we can do also (John 14:12). It is not about trying not to sin, it is about learning to abide. My course, Oneness With God, is focused on that one goal—learning to abide. All spiritual growth comes from abiding, and if we can master this we will not just grow speedingly, but we would live a life fill will the full manifestation of God's will. None of the blessing he gives us will be interrupted and spoilt, rather they will be guarded and safe with us in the Life.

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