Friday, 21 August 2020

Temporary Changes

I am writing this post to announce that 11 days from now this blog domain will expire, and I am not able to renew the subscription. As such the domain "" would stop working, and it might remain like that for the rest of this year. I want to wait till I have enough money to buy a domain and a host, updating the blog. Even right now the blog is being blocked by Google in the name of being a security threat.

Of course there is no security threat, but there are things I need to purchase, subscribe and install into the blog, and because these things are not there Google feels the blog is not up to standard. I don't have money for these things right now, but hopefully next year I will fix it all.

So when this domain expires you can still access the blog using

I am making this announcement so you won't be surprise if you type in and it is not taking you to the blog. All you have to do is use

Alright, stay blessed. 

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