Wednesday, 26 August 2020

The Grace In Christ (2); Individual Grace

In the last post I gave, with Scripture, a list of the grace available to every Christian. The list goes as follows;
1. Victory Over Sin, and Forgiveness
2. God's nature which is the reality of the law
3. Heir Of God and co-heir with Christ
4. Reigning With Christ
5. Sufficiency in Christ
6. Manifestation of the Supernatural

As long as you are a Christian these grace are accessible to you. All you need to enjoy them is learning how to abide in Christ your salvation. And to attain the fullness of this grace you will have to grow in knowledge, develop your faith, and press hard into maturity. Yes, we must all press hard to explore the grace in this land. When the resources of a land is left unexplored the land becomes poor.

If you look at the greatness of what Christ did on the cross you will realize the body of Christ should be richer than this. The grace that has been made available to us through Christ death is so great—it is extremely, abundantly above, anything this world has ever known. But yet look at us, the world is kicking us about, making jess of us. We are becoming a ridicule. Sin everywhere, even our pastors and leaders are slaves to sin, as if Jesus didn't won victory for us.

We are not walking in the victory that Jesus won, we have not come into the fullness of the power he has given us. And this is because we are not taught to explore the riches of the land. We are taught that we have to wait and watch as only a few members of the body explore the grace. All of this grace is made available to every one of us yet only a few is exploring it. The rest are taught to be dependent on those few. In economics there is a law of underdevelopment, a method that is used to subject certain nations in underdevelopment.

In the femous book, "How Europe Underdevelop Africa", it explains how Europe came into Africa, explore our resources, became rich out of our own resources and then taught us that we are no good and we have no choice but to depend on them. Hereby, they subject Africa to underdevelop. But I speak of something greater than the Nation of Africa, I speak of the body of Christ. We have been subjected to underdevelopment because our leaders have taught us that we do not have access to this grace, that only them can explore and access it, and all we can do is depend on them.

They do this to create job opportunity for themselves, but what they don't know is that they are subjecting the whole body of Christ to underdevelopment. A nation cannot be developed when only a few people are rich and the rest are under extreme poverty. Nigeria has the most richest people in the continent yet it is an underdeveloped nation. It can only be classified as a develop nation when the wealth is properly distributed. Until we have more and more rich people, and less poor people, we would remain underdeveloped. It is a matter of the ratio of rich to poor people.

When the gap between that ratio have been levelled then the nation can be said to be developed. What I am trying to say is that no matter how powerful our pastors may be, as long as there are only few of us moving in such power and victory, the body of Christ remains underdeveloped. But when we have more and more people growing in all that grace, then we can have a mature body. This body needs everyone to grow rich in the grace of the land and jointly supplying to one another so that the body will be greatly built into full maturity.

"Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ." (Eph 4:12).

The responsibility of the gifted men is to equip the people, teach them how to explore the riches of the land, teach them to grow in the grace of the land, so that we can all work together in building up the Church until it becomes well developed. No, their responsibility is not to make us dependent on them. Their responsibility is not to teach us to abandon the land and begin to look up to them, begging for aims. This spiritual poverty is killing us, the only people it is benefiting are those that are being worship because of the little they have.

Can't you see how miserable our state is? A land that is so blessed that even Jesus said, "the things that these little ones will do would be even greater than all the mighty works that I have done" (paraphrase of John 14:12). Yet look at us running from post to post, looking for miracles that are even lesser than the ones Jesus did. You have the power to do more than what you have seen or heard anybody do on earth before, yet you are living so helplessly, running from program to program. You are struggling with sin, you are mastered by everything. You have become a slave to your emotions, addiction, cravings, habits, lust, anger, etc.

You, who is made to sit far above all things, you have become slave to just anything. You simply cannot continue like this. Enough with this laziness, time to get off the floor and put the Christ in you to work. Explore the riches of the land, strive to grow in the grace he has given you. This grace is not meant to be left dormant. Search them out, develop them, and become rich with God's grace. By doing this you are doing God and the whole body of Christ a great service. You are doing yourself a great service, because if the land becomes developed we will all enjoy from it. We would be a mighty force to be reckon with on earth. 

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