Tuesday, 1 December 2020

A Life Of Worship

I have previously shared some posts on what worship is in the New Covenant. It is not a particularly activity. It could be anything, as long as it involves dying to self, yielding to the Spirit and expressing the Son unto the Father. In the Old Testament worship is all about bringing forth sacrifice to the altar unto God. The Son is the only accepted sacrifice in the New Testament, so we are to offer the Son unto the Father. In those previous posts I even explained what "living a life worship" means.

Jesus the son of God, is a living worship unto the Father. As fellow sons, we are to be living worship. This means worship is not something we do every now and then, but our whole life must be worship. Everything we do must be worship. If it is not worship then we ought not to do it. Everything we do must be unto God. We are constantly pouring out ourselves unto the Father, living a life of worship.

In my previous post I explained that worship is laying down yourself to die, in order that you might express Christ unto the Father rather than yourself. Worship is not about being yourself (the old man) and trying to please God every now and then. Worship is all about sacrifice. It involves slaughtering the flesh and setting it on fire so that the smoke can rise up to heaven. Yes, you die to your flesh. The desires of your flesh must be forsaken, and you allow the Holy Spirit set you on fire — you allow him move you as you yield to him.

In yielding to the Spirit Christ pours out of you like smoke unto the Father. A pure and perfect sacrifice is offered. And this we must do with the whole of our lives.

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service." (Rom 12:1).

Everything we do must involve dying to self in order to worship God. Yes, everything we do must be worship. When I was much younger I love singing none Christian songs. As long as the melody sounds good to me I will sing it. I didn't care about the lyrics, I just enjoy the melody. But right now I find it difficult to enjoy a song that doesn't praise God. I have gotten addicted to praising God, and if I must sing then it has to be an expression of worship. It's not about trying to be holy. I just realize that when I sing songs with good melody but not about God, I pause at some point unable to continue.

There is a longing in me that just want to pour out adorable, love and praise to God. And if that song is not expressing that, I feel so uncomfortable cause I am not being myself, I am not expressing my heart. Love is what is in my heart, adoration, praises, worship. It just fills my heart, and I need to be myself and express what is in me. I can't sing if it is not a worship unto God. I can't work if it is not worship unto God either. If God is not involved, if I am not doing it in fellowship with God and expressing Christ in it, I will feel sick inside and frustrated.

I just can't exist outside worship. It is chocking, dark and frustrating to me. And I pray God helps me not to get lured into that ugly reality. Yes, worship is hard, but it is far worse to exist outside of it. While going through the hardship of worship as you lay there dying to self, the devil would come to tell you that there is a better life outside of the altar. He would try to get you to escape from that death. But my dear, everything he says is a lie. Life outside the altar/cross is terrible. 

I am speaking from experience. Several times I have escape the cross and ran out of worship only to run back into it again. It is far better than anything out there. Oh the hopelessness, restlessness, recklessness, the cloud of depression always hovering over your head, the endless consumption and that insatiable hunger killing you slowly, the vicious circle of do-it-yourself/you-got-what-it-takes, that deception, pride and arrogance that you can do it all by yourself and you don't necessarily need God, and the loneliness that comes with that.

I don't know how people do it, but I can't exist in that. The altar is where we belong. Just slowly dying away, shedding the flesh so that the glorious son in us might emerge. Yes, it might take quite a while, and it might even be brutal, but it is a better life than anything out there. Trying to do something with God, it might feel like he is silence, it might feel like nothing is happening, and you might just want to take over and do it yourself. But do not dare go down that horrible path. It is better to wait at the Lord's feet and endure his silence, waiting patiently as the flesh burns away with all of its arrogance and sufficiency — to be brought to utter nothingness that Christ might be glorified in you.

Every sense in your head will keep telling you that you are the most foolish person on earth and you will suffer for it. But whatever suffering that would come because you chose to stay on the cross is worth it. Our lives belong at the altar, dying and burning away, for our lives are worship unto God. 

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