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What Is Christianity (Part 8.2): The Christian Life

In the previous posts we have seen that Christianity is about the Kingdom — a Kingdom that must conquer the existing power and stand (defend) the territory it has acquired while still expanding, and refusing to take a break as long as the whole earth has not been filled with the Kingdom, continuing in its fight until finally the Lord comes. In this post I want to narrow it down to the individual Christian.

"He has rescued us completely from the tyrannical rule of darkness and has translated us into the kingdom realm of his beloved Son." (Col 1:13 TPT).

The Christian life begins at salvation, and salvation is the deliverance and translation from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom realm of God. Yes, you were translated into another realm, and what you are meant to do is to first of all become awaken to that realm. To live in this Kingdom realm you must be awaken to it. If you are not awaken to it then you won't be able to properly carry out your responsibility in this realm. Yes, you have a responsibility in this Kingdom.

You are a king in this Kingdom. And as a king you need to ascend the throne, sit on it, and extend the power and domain of this Kingdom. It is from the throne that you can extend the power and domain of this Kingdom. Many Christians are not ready to mount the throne. They want to remain babies and be spoon fed. You need to grow up, mount the throne and start doing Kingdom business. This is your job as a Christian.

Your job is not to go to church every Sunday, singing, dancing and listening to sermon. You are meant to be edified and built up to the point where you are able to mount the throne and do Kingdom business. But if you spend all your Christian life still being spoon fed, and you never ascend the throne or do Kingdom business, then you have not truly lived the Christian life. Sadly many Christians die before truly experiencing the Christian life. Some don't even experience God. While many who experience God never experience life of a mature son. They die before coming to that point.

We must go all the way, not half way. But, like I said, it starts firstly by becoming awaken to the Kingdom realm. Yes, you are to spend time pressing and pressing until you begin to see and touch this Kingdom realm. And by Kingdom realm I am referring to the reality in Christ. How much are you awaken to the reality in Christ? You must be awaken to each reality in Christ and you must ascend the throne of every one of this reality.

You must awaken to the reality of grace and mount that throne. You must awaken to the reality of righteousness and mount its throne. The reality of the power of God in Christ must become real to you, and you must ascend its throne and learn to wield it. You must also become awaken to the reality of providence and ascend the throne. After ascending to the throne of the reality you are awakened to, you will then focus on expanding the power and coverage of this reality.

You will seek to expand the coverage of the reality of righteousness. Let your righteous living influence and inspire others to begin to live righteously. Let your experience of providence begin to cause others to enjoy providence. Let people around you experience the power of God through you, and also learn to wield the power of God like you. When I say the power of God, I am also referring to all the gifts of the spirit and every area of the supernatural. And when I say "ascend/mount the throne", I mean you should grow into these realities in Christ until you come to a point where you are able to disperse it and cause others to experience it. 

You must come to that place of authority where you can enforce these realities (the Kingdom realm) in the environment around you. The throne is where you attain such authority. When you've mounted the throne you will be able to enforce these realities no matter how fiercely the devil fights against it. We must strive to ascend the throne and maintain our position on the throne until we die and pass on the mantle. Let the throne of God be established in every locality where Christians are. 

So this is what the Christian life is — pressing to be awaken to the Kingdom realm and its reality, ascending to the throne, enforcing this reality, expanding its domain, and defending the ground covered. Jesus commanded us to, "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matt 6:33). Righteousness is one of the reality of the Kingdom, and along with righteousness are other realities too. You must focus on this and don't worry about other things because God will surely take care of them.

To be awakened to this reality you must first understand that you are in it and it is in you. Right from when you got born again you were translated into this reality, and this reality is now living in you. But you have been so distracted with life that your senses remain dull to this reality. It would take a lot of focus in order for you to grow aware and awaken to this reality. There are contemplative and meditative exercises that you can do. These exercises will recalibrate your mind to maintain an intensely sharp focus that would lead to awakening.

Soon you will begin to sense these realities. They will feel more tangible to you. It's almost like you could touch them. As you continue to press, over time your grip on these realities will grow. You could not only touch them but you could wield them. Yes, you must come to that point because you cannot be effective in enforcing the Kingdom reality until you know how to wield them. So your job right now is to press and keep pressing hard. Be disciplined, be strong and be persistent.

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