Thursday, 8 April 2021

Pressing Towards Absolute Victory

We are fighting against that mentality that says even though we are saved we still cannot live above sin. That idea that randers the sacrifice of Christ useless and made the cross powerless in our lives. We are fighting against this reality that is proclaiming that Jesus is a failure and salvation is a scam. When our very leaders and falling deep into sin and acting like unregenerated souls, it tells the world that what we preach is nothing but a lie.

Is there any real transformation in Christ, or is it that some people just get lucky? If it is by chance, then no need being a Christian, for even none believers become morally upright by chance. Yes, chance happens everywhere, so why come to Christ? If Christ is what we claim he is, then there must be a real evidence of his transforming power in the life of everyone who comes to him.

If Christ is the greatest then the victory we experience and demonstrate must be greater than anything the world have ever seen. In the midst of the thickest darkness we would shine even brighter. Yes, we would be victimized, assaulted and downtrodden with all the hate, bitterness, anger, mockery, wickedness and evil that the world could offer, and yet we would only respond with a love, sincerity and wisdom that is out of this world.

We are fighting to truly represent the God whom the angels saw and can't stop crying, "holy, holy, holy". A purity so beautiful that you can't look away but cry out in admiration. We are fighting to restore back this glory, for our name had been rubbish and we have become a mockery to the world. We are pressing to apprehend this victory in Christ and display it so that the rest of the world might know that indeed we are truly saved from sin. 

Let the banner of victory be raised, let the tales of our victory reach the far ends of the world, let people come from every corner of the earth, those who long to taste and partake of this victory. Let them come with confidence, knowing that this unbelievable victory truly lie with us and among us. Let the sheep that are scattered about, come and gather together under this banner of victory

Then we would be one glorious people, matching together in harmony and parading this victory that has become a reality in our lives, that the name of the Lord be glorified and the devil be put to shame. This is what we are pursuing in the course, "Victory Over Sin". This is where we begin to explore that victory and know it as a tangible reality, learning to submit to it until it masters us, apprehends us, and manifest effortlessly in our lives.

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