Saturday, 3 April 2021

Pushing For Growth


It's war, we are fighting lukewarmness, and that lackadaisical attitude towards the things of God. These things that has penetrated deep into Christianity, that has made us satisfied with religion. Even those who are trying to press into the deeper things of Christ find themselves always struggle to keep the fire burning.

Everything around us is trying drain us of every passion and interest we have in God. So yes, we are at war. Constantly struggling to stir up the fire on the one hand, while fighting all those many things trying to put off the fire on the other hand. The battle is so tough that we are tempted to just quit and focus on doing religion. Yes, doing religion is much easier, and that is why the body of Christ is like this. We have settled in doing religion.

When it comes to growth, it is not always easy. This is why today we have the proliferation of motivational speaking. It requires a lot of motivation to walk on the path of growth. In fact, there should be constant motivation with every step taken. One must learn to always stay motivated otherwise you won't be able to make it. And one thing that these motivational speakers will tell you is, "set goals".

It's easy to relax when you don't have a goal. You must challenge yourself by giving yourself goals. You tell yourself that, "by the end of this year I want to have achieved..." This will help you as it causes you to push yourself hard in pursuing the goal. This is what Oneness With God course is for. It's a course for a period of time where you tell yourself that by the end of this period I want to be able to hear God more clearly, become more intimate with him, flow more frequently in the prophet, etc.

You set goals and push yourself. You learn to remain motivated, always stirring up the fire within you. A lot of Christians wait to attend some special programmes in order that their passion be stirred up. But people challenging themselves like this, understandd that they always have to stay stirred up whether program or no program. As such they develop a culture of consistent burning. They teach their heart to remain constantly burning for God.

These are the things that this course will do to you. At the end of the course you have developed this culture, and you will no longer be among those who are constantly losing their passion and looking for one program or something that will help stir them up again. Your heart has learned to remain stirred up through the process of challenging yourself and pressing towar ds a goal.

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