Saturday, 5 June 2021

Stewards Unto The Community

"All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had." (Acts 4:32).

The other day I shared how I am coming to realize that the more I am caught up in the community of the Godhead, the more I lose the sense of possessiveness. I am just filled with this feeling that the things that I have are not mine. This is what happened whenever you are caught up in a community that is one. 

You will just realize that everything you have is not yours, it belongs to the community. This was what happened to the early Christians. They became a community and experienced such intimacy and oneness that each of them began to feel that the things they own is not theirs, it's for the community. I believe Christianity will experience this again in the future. 

As we begin to learn to form communities again, with the emphasis on intimacy, love and oneness. We would get to a point where we would each begin to feel that our individual possessions belongs to the whole community. It will happen naturally. We don't need to force it to happen. It's not about trying to follow the Bible or copy the first century Christians. It will just spring out of the fullness of the Life in us. This Life has been encoded to be communal. 

When we submit to the Life in us and we grow into its fullness, then everything encoded in that Life will begin to spring out and find expression among us.

And maybe I should explain more about what it means when our individual possessions become a communal possession. It doesn't mean that it has to happen exactly the way the early Christians did it. 

There is something called stewardship. A steward is one who takes care of the property of another. As a steward these properties in your possession are not yours. You are only managing them for the owner. This is what would happen among Christians. Each of us will begin to feel like stewards of our properties. We would feel like these properties belong to the community, while we are just assigned by God as steward of these properties. 

When you feel like a steward assigned by God to manage a property belonging to a community, you will feel responsible to God, and you will feel that the property is not yours but the community's. Because you are responsible to God you will have to take directions from God as to how to manage the property for the benefit of the community who actually owns the property. Take your time to picture that. 

It would mean that you can't just spend your money anyhow you like, for it is a community property.

It also means that you don't have to relinquish the possession of the property just as many assume the early Christians did.

Yes, the property still remains under your possession, but you are merely managing it for the community.

Like I said, this will not happen because we are trying to make it happen. No, not because we are trying to follow the letters. It must spring out from deep within us. It will be so genuine and even spontaneous. It might began subtly. You will just realize you don't feel like your properties are yours. Your possessiveness slowly fade away, and now all you see is the community. You have become part of something bigger than you

When you are a steward of some properties and the owners comes and say, "we need so... and so... out of the properties in your possession", you will not think twice before giving it, because it is theirs in the first place. The only thing you will do is to speak to God whom you are responsible to concerning those properties. Once God gives the go-ahead, it doesn't matter whether you want to give it or not, and it doesn't matter whether giving it will affect you negatively or not. You will just have to give it, because it is not yours. 

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