Introduction To My Ministries

Below are the ministries, my service, to the body of Christ. I am setting up these various ministries to serve specific purpose in the body of Christ, and I would explain each one of them. Although they have various purpose, however the main goal is to see a glorious bride arise, demonstrating the fullness of God, and upholding the testimony of the resurrected and victorious Christ. The truth is, I don't really see them as my ministries, in fact I don't see anything in my care as my own. They all belong to God, I am just a steward, He is the head, the owner, and he would do with it however he please. I would only try to understand my role and play it out properly, then watch the kind of people He would bring in and how He would head over it all.

School Of Oneness

This is a course on Oneness With God, and it involves practical training on experientially becoming one with God and being able to move in His fullness. The course outline is as follows:

—Level 1: Oneness With God’s Heart; Intimacy
Becoming one with God's heart: knowing God as love, becoming acquainted with His heart, communicating with God heart to heart, living from His heart, being able to feel His heart for other people, loving others and interacting with them from God’s heart.

—Level 2: Oneness With God’s Mind; The Prophetic
Becoming one with the mind of God: becoming one with His knowledge, hearing God's voice, drawing knowledge from God's mind, knowing God's mind for your life, knowing God's mind for others.

—Level 3: Oneness With God’s Nature; The Indwelling Christ
Becoming one with the nature of God: oneness with the righteousness and holiness of God, overcoming sin, the prayer of the Godhead, oneness with the wisdom of God, oneness with the faith of God etc.

—Level 4: Oneness With God’s Essence; Releasing The Glory
Becoming one with the presence of God, learning to emit that presence. We are light beings, and we are is glory. Knowing the power of God and walking in the faith of Jesus. Expanding and emitting the glory within.

I wish to get a website for this course, one that the student can easily have access to all the resources and activities. The course is mainly an online training, but there are aspects of it that involves activities in the real world—the pastors (teachers in the course) would meet physically with the students to assist when needed. I want to ensure that every dedicated student of this course is equipped to move in several dimensions of the fullness of God. You can follow the links below to learn more;
School Of Oneness
Oneness With God Course

Centrality And Supremacy Of Christ

This is a teaching ministry on the Truth (Christ). All through the history of Christianity we have been greatly divided by doctrine, each group believe to have a separate truth. But there is only one Truth, the one who is Christ himself. This ministry is aimed at equipping saints to discovering and know the Truth by the Spirit. After the resurrection of Jesus, several of his followers saw him but didn’t recognize him immediately. This was because he could no longer be recognized by the flesh anymore, his followers must learn a new way of recognizing him. The reason the body of Christ is so divided on the issue of truth is because we are largely trying to recognize him by the flesh. Centrality And Supremacy Of Christ (CSC) is aimed to training the body of Christ on this new way of recognizing Christ the truth. It not just teaching on the Truth, but also teaching on discerning the Truth by the Spirit.

We would learn how to explore Christ and discover the Truth not by the carnal reasoning and logic of the flesh, but by the Spirit. There are also teachings of reconciling truths which seem contradicting, judging truths, and coming into harmony in the Truth (finding the ground of Truth). Basically I believe in the desire of the Lord as put in the scripture, “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God,” (Eph 4:13). The Lord would surely have this, He would have a people united in the faith (doctrine) and the knowledge of the Truth. And CSC is aimed to being an instrument that Christ would use to work this out in his body.

Now, I am not saying all of this is possible simply because I feel that it ought to be, or because I am simply concern about the division in the body of Christ in the area of doctrine, or because in my naiveness I greatly desire that we would be united in knowledge. No, rather I am getting involved with this because I have seen this reality in Christ, I have interacted with it, I have touched it in the spirit, I know it is real, and when I look at the scripture it also confirms it, I have taken time to study. As a result I am very certain this dimension exists. Yes, as a Church we can begin to operate in this dimension of unity in knowledge. It's there in the spirit in Christ, we only need to learn to walk in it and make it a reality in the Christianity we practice. You can follow the link to learn more about how we are going to make all this possible;
The Full Package Of CSC

The Vine Apostolic Ministry

This ministry would focus on planting local ecclesia. It also involves the second stage of School Of Oneness, the stage that is focused on Oneness with the body both locally and universally.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35).
“That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” (John 17:21).

Notice the bold, our unity and oneness would be a great testimony to the world. Jesus connected our oneness with each other with the oneness found in the Godhead and he also connected our individual oneness with God. When we learn to be one with God then it would be easier for us to become one with each other as a body. The course on Oneness With God is aimed at teaching the body of Christ to be one with God. Then through that oneness with God, The Vine Apostolic Ministry would now go further to bringing the body into oneness with each other starting from the building of small groups called local ecclesia. Our goal is not just oneness but maturity and the manifestation of glory. The next verse from the scripture quoted above states;

“The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one.” (John 17:22).

When the glory that has been given to us is manifested, one of the ways it manifest is oneness and unity. This ministry is focused on building up believers in spiritual maturity until they come to a point where the glory in them manifests as oneness in the body of Christ. Oneness is an expression of glory, while Glory is the expression of fullness, and fullness is attained through spiritual maturity. You can click here to learn more about The Vine Apostolic Ministry. 

It would be such a blessing if you can contribute financially or otherwise to this ministry and help make all these possible. You can contact me to know how you can contribute. I see a glorious Church rise in this age, one that is united and filled with the testimony of the glorified and enthroned Christ. Yes united, not by any human construct, but by the Spirit—by something that is beyond this world, something beyond the comprehension of man. A Church moving in such perfect harmony, functioning truly as one body with Christ as the head. This is not merely my vision, it is something that God has set out to do in this age. Here is a link to the prophetic experiences I have concerning this; The Vision. You are welcome to be a part of this move of God to bring the Church to the fullness of her glory in Christ.

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