Learn To Fellowship With Christ

In this blog I have written a lot of posts that keep pointing to the person of Jesus Christ. These posts emphasize that Christ is our all and the only way to experience anything in Christianity is to fellowship with Christ. And as a result of these posts some folks might begin to ask: "how can one fellowship with this Christ; what do you mean when you say we have to let go of our methodological approach to Christianity and try an intimacy approach; how can I walk with God and know the Lord intimately; how can I approach the things of God as a person and not merely a thing?"

As Christians we are in different levels in our walk with God and the best way I can help is not merely to refer you to another write-up. I would need to walk with you in order to teach you to walk with God in a more intimate way. We could become friends and brethren as I fellowship with you to fellowship with the Father. Simply put, I want to personally help you get more intimate with God. If you would like that, contact me and let get started in this wonderful adventure of discovery the unsearchable riches of Christ in an experiential way.

Below are my personal contact:
Email: emechetedc@gmail.com
Phone Number: +2348103727677
Facebook: facebook.com/david.emechete
Twitter: @Hiswordxray

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