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I believe every Christian needs someone (a fellow brother/sister) to be by them and help push them as they press in and pursue the deeper things of Christ.

While pursuing the things of Christ I realized that it would have been much more easier if I have a fellow brother or sister who has pass through this exact path, and who will encourage me and push me to discipline myself until I start seeing major breakthrough.

I struggled with a lot of things, struggle to discipline myself. I saw the Lord calling me into greater depth but it was just so difficult to pursue it alone. Well, I thank God for how far he has brought me. Most of my success were as a result of the special grace He has placed on me as a member of the body, and because of my calling.

You don't have to do it alone. There are depths, greater depths with fuller riches of Christ, for we are called to explore the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph 3:8). It is unsearchable, so we keep searching and exploring, even till eternity.

I coach those who would dare to dive into this mission impossible. Yes, this requires a lot of courage, inspiration and pushing, this is the service I seek out to give as a fellow brother (not as an authority head), that the members of the body of my Lord (Christ) will grow in all ways into him.

My Model
I always emphasize Life, Christ is the Life and he came so that we might have life and keep having it till we become filled with abundance of life (John 10:10). This is the mission of Christ, to get us filled with life until we are totally transformed into his image. The fruits of the Spirit can only develop if there is enough life, for without life there is no fruit.

The Father: I teach on how to draw life from the Father through intense intimacy with Him. Life can only originate from the Father, he is the only source of life. And the only way to draw life from the Father is through intimacy with him, for even in the natural world life is only born out of intimacy.

I will coach you to become awaken to the intimacy you have with the Father through Christ. This involves, learning to hear God's voice, learning to know his heart and thoughts, for we are one with him. Also, learning to see into God; to see Him in the spirit and enjoy fellowship with him, and to see his heart and thoughts. To get as intimate as possible with the Father.

The Son: Life (Christ) has come to live in us, therefore to grow in abundance of life is to become awaken to the indwelling Christ. There is a way you can become so awake to this Christ living in you that you enter into that fellowship. You consciously see him alive in you and trying to live out his life in you. I aim at bringing the Christian to this point where they can freely live by the indwelling Christ.

The Holy Spirit: There are riches upon riches of gifting that the Holy Spirit gives us to empower us in our pursue of the Life (Christ). We must learn how to yield to the Spirit (even when we don't fully understand what he is doing) as he reveals Christ to us and empower us to grow in him. Hence, I teach the Christian to be conscious of the Spirit and to allow him work in them as he brings them to fullness.

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  1. Sometimes we need a hand of fellowship,someone to help, motivate, inspire us in our walk with God as a spur does to a horse. Thanks for all you do for the gospel and the kingdom. Fellowship with you has helped strengthened and sharpen my relationship with God,drawing me into the deeper things of Christ, to the glory of God.

  2. Am glad I met a man seems to be sent by Christ himself to help me grow into the full knowledge of Himself,I know I don't have to go through the stress alone because I've got family(ies) and am happy to find one. He has imparted into me knowledge which birth the likeness of Christ in me and his mysteries.
    I salute this my brother! more infilling of the Spirit In Jesus' Name!

  3. No better way to go deeper and intimate with the Father than with a friend who understands that it requires discipline and commitment to do this. In this walk also, consistency is a key factor in attaining desired results. His extended hand of fellowship has been of tremendous help to me in attaining this result. Thank you for your help to me and the body of Christ as a whole.