Quest For The Truth

Deep in the human soul lies a desire to know the truth and many a times we find ourselves in this quest to discover true for ourselves. Yes, we have the right to discover truth for ourselves, but we must be aware that in the journey to discover the truth there are all kinds of danger. There are traps; traps that would keep you enslaved without knowing that you have become a slave, traps that would strip you of your right and leave you deformed. So how do you go prepare, equipped with the knowledge and wisdom that would help you escape those traps and arrive at the truth yourself. This book will give you all you need to ensure safety and fulfillment in your quest for the truth.

In addition this book also touches the issues of doctrinal differences in churches and among Christians. Paul said, "that we might come into unity in faith and knowledge of Son". Is it possible that all Christian can come to agree on the same thing? If this is possible, what is the way to coming to this level of maturity where we are united in knowledge? This book answers these questions and even more. It gives a practical way you can reconcile your theology with that of a fellowship Christian at the event of theological clashes. The goal is to come to the knowledge of the truth through that clash in theology or doctrine. Yes we can all grow to a place were we share the same knowledge of the Truth, without any contradictions, and this book reveals how.
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