School Of Oneness

This is meant to be majorly an online school to reach larger members of the body of Christ and train them to move in various dimensions in the fullness of God. It consists of various courses of the things of the Spirit. First there is the elementary course for everyone titled Oneness With God. But then as you go up you'll find more courses with greater concentration to specific dimensions of God in Christ. Currently I am using social media group platform for this course. However, I am planning on building a website for it. Building the website would cost $600 (around 219,000 naira). Also there would be expenses on advertising, as I would be launching a campaign just after building the website. This is so a larger part of the body can join and start learning to grow in the fullness of God and become truly one with God. If you are led to contribute, You can contact me to know how you can contribute. 

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