The Divine Romance

Life is all about relationship, and there is no relationship more important than that with the heavenly Father. In Christ, God left heaven to come get a bride for Himself. He didn't just want relationship with us but He wants a very deep relationship — intimacy. Man since the fall have been trying to reach God, but now it is God turn to chase after man. He would no longer have men pursuing Him by their perverse ways, rather He has chosen to be the author and finisher of this pursuit.

So here we have God pursuing intimacy with us, putting in us an hunger for Him, and pulling us to chase after Him through the path that He has provided. This book gives a clearer view of how God does this, the process by which He brings us into deeper and deeper intimacy with Himself until we experience oneness with Him. Yes, we can become so united with God that whenever we speak we speak Him, in our action we are always doing Him, and in all of our ways it is Him we express.

This is His goal, to bring us into a living experience of this oneness, and He would achieve this through intimacy. So get this book and begin to learn to respond to all of God's methods of pulling you, trying to awaken in you a passion for Him. He has been pulling you all these while but you don't know His ways, you cannot see and respond to it. But with this book your eyes will become open to the ways by which He pulls you, then you will be able to respond and go with Him into the depth of intimacy until you experience oneness with Him.

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