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The goal is to have the body of Christ come into unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God (Eph 4:13), and in this way we experience oneness as a body. So far in making all this possible, I have written a book titled Quest For The Truth. In this book I explained how to become acquainted with the Truth (Christ), to know  Christ as the Truth, and become awakened to him as the Truth. I also explained coming into relationship with the one who is the Truth and learning to be guided by his Spirit (the Spirit of the Truth).

In this book I introduced how to know truth by the Spirit, how to discern truth, judge truths and harmonize truths. But I want to take this knowledge beyond this book and actually training men and women in Christ to become acquainted with the Truth by the Spirit. The Truth is not just information, he is a spiritual substance, he is tangible and real, he is not ambiguous and uncertain. It is when we look at it from the flesh that truth becomes ambiguous, uncertain, lucid, contradictory and subjective. No, the Truth is not any of those things, God is not the author of confusion.

I started this blog to share with the body of Christ my fellowship with the Truth. But the ministry of Centrality and Supremacy of Christ doesn't end here, this blog is just on side of it, there is more. I just need financial support to be able to set up platforms to train men and women in the Truth. The goal is not to teach them my truths and fill their heads with my theology. But to equipped them to be able to discern Truth, discover Truth by the Spirit, pursue him, learn to fellowship with the one who is Truth and his Spirit. I am already working on a course that will be taught in the same website that I am building for Oneness With God. But this would be a separate course on the Truth; Knowing the Truth as a person, coming into fellowship with him and knowing his Spirit (the Spirit of truth).

Yes, grammars are different, emphasis are different, and people have different perspectives, but the Truth is one and can be known in it spiritual substance. In this course believers would be trained to recognize and know truth by the Spirit. What all that means is that when they see someone presenting truth they would be able to look beyond all the grammars, the style of presenting and expressing truth, the emphasis, the perspective, etc. and they would be able to recognize and discern the truth in its spiritual substance, and they could tell that this is the same truth they hold despite all it presume differences. These believers would learn to apprehend truths in there spiritual essence, and they would be taught to translate them in the flesh (human words). They would also be trained to perfect the act of translation, learning to tweak translations until a kind of translation is produced that would be more effective in the flesh, bringing the flesh into alignment with the reality in Christ.

Well, there is much to be done in developing all this. I would share updates on how far I have gone with this, but I need all the support I can get.

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