The Language Of God

The Language Of God
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God desire intimacy with us, and He has put in our hearts a longing to know Him intimately. But how do we reach Him? How do we break through the stronghold of death and religion to experience intimacy with God. Learn to discern God's voice, and have Him listen to you. Enter in a realm where you are in constant interactions with God. Experience romance with divinity and let every aspect of your life become prophetic. Enter into the heart of God, know the secret things of the Most High as you learn to decode the language of God. Get this book and be on a journey to experience such intimacy with God

There was a point in my walk with God that I said to Him, "Father, teach me to pray?“ Of course, as a hungry Christian I read books about prayer but something in me kept saying that there had to be more to prayer than what those books described. I know many of you have pass through this and even some of you still continue to hear that cry, "there has to be more to prayer than this!" I was determined in my heart to find out that 'more', to experience it. And all of a sudden I broke loose into a kind of prayer life that I never thought existed. Each time I closed my eyes to pray it was wonders upon wonders. I was caught up in this communion with God, this unbounded intimacy. 

I can't begin to count the experiences or to describe every one of them, it is simply divine. Many a times my head struggled to understand what was going on, to explain it or categorize it. But this would not fix into any category, it is so rich, diverse and beautiful. It is far beyond what most Christians call prayer. I just wish I could take it and give it to every Christian but I don't know how. One day I was talking to a brother, trying to explain what it means to come in contact with the word of God (the person of the word) in the place of prayer and it came to me, I finally had a little idea, how to explain prayer as I've been experiencing it. Of course,  it wasn't enough but somehow the Spirit gave me the faith and the desire to start writing on it. 

Deep down in my spirit, I just knew that when I begin to write that much more would come to me and I would be able to explain how to enter into the kind of prayer life that I have been experiencing. So here it is, I yielded myself to the Spirit and this book was born. I just hope that you read this with an opened heart and you let the Spirit reveal this truth inside of you and bring you into an all-consuming, extremely overwhelming and radically transforming prayer life.

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