The Vine Apostolic Ministry

To be able to appreciate this ministry, you must learn what ecclesia is and how much of an impact it would be to the body of Christ and the world at large. Below are a series of posts on what ecclesia is and how this ecclesia initiated by this ministry would look like and function in the world.
What Is Ecclesia? 
What Do I Mean By "Ecclesia"?
Ecclesia Vs The Church System; A Better Way Of Practicing Christianity
From Church Back To Ecclesia (part 1); The Real Word
From Church Back To Ecclesia (part 2); In Practice
Ecclesiology; The System Of God
Practicing The Ecclesia
The Ecclesia; A Training Ground For Walking In The Supernatural
The Ecclesia; Practicing A Government
Ecclesia; Priest, Prophet and King
Platforms For The Equipped Saints
Ecclesia; The Secular World
Ecclesia; Speedy Spiritual Growth

After reading those you will see how important it is to have these ecclesia spread among us today. I have laid out plans to ensure all this would work. I believe in the reality of the victory Jesus won for us. This victory is very real, and I believe the ecclesia would ensure that each Christian enter into, experience and manifestation this victory in their lives. Oh, how glorious would the body of Christ become when we have all this—the impact we would have in this world, and how mightily we would represent God in the world. This is what the Lord desire, to have a glorious body on earth.

To learn more about my ministry, follow this link here. 

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